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Is love a good or bad thing?

When it comes to human emotions, there is no way for anybody to predict the outcomes of it, especially when you are dealing with love. Love is a mysterious force than can overcome any other emotion that humans can experience. However, the way that it does make us feel can be one of two ways: love can be absolutely amazing or it can be the most frightening and aggravating emotion that can be experienced.

It is even proven through scientific research that love has a serious effect on the human mind. Shauna Springer, who is a licensed psychologist, and a relationship and lifestyle researcher, says being in love actually has the same effect on the mind as being addicted to cocaine. You actually have the same amount of dopamine that would be produced if you were in love with a person, as opposed to having cocaine inside your system. Also, an unrelated but also similar research was conducted by Michael Kerr.  The study analyzed the brain waves of somebody who was diagnosed with severe depression and a person who was experiencing the loss of a “loved” one. The study concluded that both brain waves were at the same activity level and both experienced the same stages of grief such as anger, sadness, confusion, etc.

We believe that love is such a wonderful and clear emotion, but when you truly ponder about it or actually truly experience the emotion first hand, you realize that love is not a clearly defined feeling but in fact a emotion roller coaster for most. People can actually be physically and mentally affected by it positively or negatively depending on their relationship with the other person. Love can give you more energy throughout the day and motivate you to do whatever you want, or it can simply drain all need for life and keep you from accomplishing anything.

Now nothing can be absolute fact when it comes to human emotions because each person will react differently to each situation, and there are infinite outcomes and scenarios that can come out of experiencing love. Moreover, we as a species haven’t fully grasped the full concept of the emotion love nor will we ever, but we can explain that love is quite possibly the most confusing, heart-wrenching, despicable emotion that the human mind can experience. Yet, at the same time it still is the greatest feeling anybody could ever feel in their whole life.