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How Many Clubs is One Too Many?

        Although high school provides students with a wonderful opportunity to explore their interests and meet new people through their participation in extracurricular clubs, the opportunity is not always “fun and games.” Staying after school every other day for meetings and events can turn into a stressful nightmare. Not to say that clubs are stressful, but many upperclassmen warn younger students that it is never a good idea to join too many clubs, as it is very tempting to “bite off more than you can chew.”
        How do you know if you have joined too many clubs? It all depends on the student. One student may be able to handle more responsibility than others while still having fun. Once a student is half way through their first year of high school, it is a good idea to reevaluate the level of commitment to which he or she had devoted time. There are a few general guideline questions that may help a student determine if he or she has joined too many clubs. Are you stressed out nearly every day, struggling to find time to fit everything you need to get done into you schedule? Do you  constantly have to stay up late to finish homework or attend to club
responsibilities? Do you find yourself rarely having time to relax?
        If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then
you may have taken on more than you should be handling at this point in your life, and your participation in various clubs is not helping your dilemma.
        Clubs are supposedly designed for students’ enjoyment, so what is the happy medium? If a student has a wide array of interests, he or she must take the time to consider which clubs are
more fun than the others. Similar to many of my classmates, I, myself, have joined a lot of clubs because they seemed very interesting, but later realized the obligations tied to them were not
worth the fun I was having as a member. Ask yourself, “Do the clubs I joined really interest me?”
        The problem becomes a little bit more complicated if you
really love every club you are involved in, but you are still constantly stressed out. By joining too many clubs, the stress of
finding time to go to each club’s periodical meetings while also getting extra help from teachers and attending sports practice become more of a chore than pure “fun.” This defeats the entire
purpose of clubs. If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, but you are still dead set on continuing your membership in all of the clubs you have joined, then finding a
balance between school work and extracurricular and “me” time is necessary. Dividing your time up and creating an organized schedule may help you balance your everyday responsibilities so
that you can reduce your stress simply by being organized. Makeshift schedules are a great way to keep track of everything you need to get done and a helpful aid when trying to contribute to
each club event you have interest in.
        So, how do you know if you have joined “one club too many?”
Well, there is no surefire scale that can tell you whether or not you have pushed beyond your limits. However, although
the act of joining too many clubs may not always be the best idea, at the end of the day it is up to you what you want to do in your time. In other words, if you really enjoy what you are doing behind the stress of the responsibility of your commitments, then there is no reason not to stay involved in several extracurricular groups. It is most important to remember to kick back, relax and have fun being a member at all times; do not let the stress of participating cloud your interests!