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Give Water. Give Life. Give Back.

Imagine this: You are a 6 year old child. You wake up at the crack of dawn to walk a total of 7.5 miles carrying two jerry cans that weigh 44 lbs each when full to and from a small water source open to contamination by numerous diseases and pathogens. You don’t have time for an education and you most definitely don’t have time to be a child. Most of us have never been that child and will never be that child, however, they exist in this world and we have the power to help them.

As a Shaker community we pride ourselves on our caring for others and make an effort to create a positive impact on our school and largely our world. Now the Shaker High School Key Club has joined with the Thirst Project foundation to be the generation to end the water crisis. In just one decade the number of people without access to clean water has dropped from 1.3 billion to 663 million- almost cut in half. The Thirst Project began when 7 college students in California came together to raise awareness about the water crisis. Over the years they have grown into a foundation which helps raise awareness to student bodies all over the the United States including right here in Shaker High School. Together with students, the Thirst Project has raised $8 million to help over 280,000 people in over 13 countries. Disease rates can drop up to 88% overnight simply by providing clean, safe drinking water to a community.  Together we have saved those people from waterborne diseases and parasites which has reduced child mortality rates in communities with high HIV/AIDS rates who are more vulnerable to diseases.

Furthermore, these women and children are free from the endless hours and days of hauling water miles away from their home. The can get an education, they can play, they can laugh. In the United States we don’t always have to question our ability to access education, to get jobs, to have a life where we do not worry about tomorrow. Why should anybody else? Shaker high School Key Club is asking to come together and help end the water crisis. One dollar, one person, one life at a time.