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Child Abuse

Child abuse is mostly detrimental to the long-term health of the victim.

80% of all child abuse victims have a psychiatric disorder by the age of 21 according to both the article “Victims of Child abuse Suffer Long-Term Consequences” and the article in the Health Reference Center Academic, “An Indepth Insight into Child Abuse and its Impact on Personality of Victims.” Children who have been abused are far more likely to have physical and mental problems as adults. Physical problems include brain problems and other issues. Psychiatric issues include self-issues and issues with others. Problems caused by abuse effects the victims for the rest of their life.


Physical issues can range from not so serious to very serious and life threatening. One non-life threatening problem could be poor physical heath. Such problems include allergies, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, ect. While these are very annoying, they are not immediately life threatening. However, the effects of shaken baby syndrome are not only immediately life threatening, but they also cause long-term life-threatening issues. Another life-threatening result is impaired brain development. Impaired brain development can cause psychiatric disorders that could cause the person to die or commit crimes. Health issues can be very dramatic and problematic; they can also cause psychiatric disorders. Examples of all these problems and more can be found in “Victims of Child Abuse Suffer Long-Term Consequences” and “An Indepth Insight into Child Abuse and its Impact on Personality of Victims”

Emotional/ Behavioral:

There is never anything good about psychiatric problems. All of them cause detrimental harm to the child/adult. At a basic level, child abuse causes fright, loneliness, and an incapability to trust or believe. For adults, mature or young, low self-esteem compiled with normal and extra relationship issues can cause the victims to enter another abusive relationship. This can lead to more disorders. There are many more disorders and none of them are good. Some include: fear, hopelessness, suicide attempts, anger, panic disorders, eating disorders, frustration, posttraumatic disorder, hyperactivity disorder, and many more. Abuse victims are more likely to score lower on tests and that can affect the life of the victims. More worrisome is that neglect is associated with borderline personality disorders and violent behavior leading to adult criminality according to the article “Victims of Child Abuse Suffer Long-Term Consequences.”

Child abuse will almost certainly lead to emotional and physical problems. Therefore, if you know someone (you know yourself) who is abused and you don’t want them to suffer these consequences, then you need to tell someone. It’s better to lose a friend then to never see them again because of unforeseen events.

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