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Android Wear; End of Apple Watch

Recently, Apple has released the Apple Watch. Customers who use Apple products are now able to pair up their devices with the Apple Watch and receive notifications right on their wrist. As amazing as this “new” technology might seem, Apple was not the first company to pioneer this idea. Google first presented the idea of a “tech watch” allowing the watch to become a smart watch and connect with an Android device. They presented this technology as the “Android Wear”. Such features of this new Android Wear consists of checking notifications that appears on your watch, take pictures, make and receive calls, etc. Until recently, the Android Wear was only compatible with Android devices, and the Apple Watch was only compatible with Apple devices.

More than a year after the first Android Wear launch, Google is now releasing watches that are compatible with IOS running devices. Also, by launching the Android watch app in the AppStore, people with Apple devices are able to easily download the app and then pair with the Android Wear they have purchased. According to a spokesperson from Google, the reason why they made this decision is because “We wanted to make sure that iOS users would have a great experience with Android Wear out of the box. We’ve worked with manufacturers to ensure that the newest watches work really well with modern iPhones, but last year’s watches aren’t technically supported.” Once the user has paired up with the Apple device, the experience of using the Android Wear is pretty much the equivalent as that of the Apple Watch. The app allows the watch to present notifications from third party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This action of targeting a broader range of customers, especially Apple users, this sparks competition between the two major companies. However, for Apple product users, this would be a great opportunity to experience the Android interface. Although, Apple has been the leading manufacturer and producer of smart devices, in the past the new Google wearable show a shift in the relationship between the user and technology. Google has begun to venture into new markets that are not saturated by Apple products.