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A Clear Sense of Style

Where did the fun in fashion go?

In the 60’s, there was the futuristic fashion of metallic clothes. The 70’s, bell bottoms.

The 80’s held MC hammer pants and the early 2000’s brought multi-colored velor track-suits.

2017 is bringing the fun back to fashion, and it’s clear to see. Clear plastic clothing has

exploded on the runway, internet, and in stores. Question is, is this fashion transparency practical for everyday life?

I turned to for a piece of this plastic craze; a clear plastic raincoat.

Manufactured by a company ironically called “Rain Coat”, the raincoat is offered in only one size but a variety of colored trim including black, blue, green and red. The black comes in short or long

styles but all other colors only come long. Costing just $13.00, it won’t set you back too much.

Upon opening, the sickening, artificial smell of plastic punches you in the nose, and

trails you all day. That new plastic smell becomes your perfume of the day and the jacket itself,

your second skin.

It’s the type of material that feels like you’re wearing your favorite jacket, covered in

syrup. Its stickiness adheres to your skin. Arms chafe as you walk projecting a sound of the same effect as pieces of styrofoam rubbing against each other.

Honestly forget sneaking up on anyone in this jacket, they’ll hear your sandwich bag coat down the block.

It also comes with its own greenhouse effect, free of charge. Wearing it out results in

absorption of the sun’s rays, trapping heat against your body. Not only will your arms sweat and

armpits turn into swimming pools, but just as the eyes are the window to the soul, this coat is the

window to any bodily function. Condensation will build on the surface, making your invisible

cloak cloud up within minutes.

However, there is really nothing like the feeling you’ll get when heads turn as you walk

down the aisle at the grocery store or move through the line at Chipotle. Plastic clothing got its

start on the runway and in it, you’ll feel like a runway model. It’s the type of item that not

everyone will get, or like, but can’t help but notice.

Think of the possibilities. Love your outfit of the day but torrential downpours don’t?

With this raincoat, you can flaunt your outfit as well as beat the rain!

Though it has its downfalls, this raincoat will undoubtedly be the most interesting thing

in your closet, with something to offer to everyone. It gives adults the chance to rediscover their

inner kid, and find the fun in fashion again and teens the chance to develop their own fashion


Clear winner.